Acknowledgements: ( II )

The majority of images and video clips used on this website were taken by myself and my husband during our trips to Japan.

Some images have been obtained from Public Domain sources such as Stock Exchange or the Wikipedia. Where possible, I have sought to identify individual photographers and have requested their permission to use relevant images on this site.

One or two commercial images (e.g. movie still from "The Last Samurai" on the Shoguns, Samurai and Ninja page) are on this website, but I believe that they fall within the 'fair use' category due to this being an educational, not for profit resource.

If you own one of the public domain images on this website, and would like to be referenced on the 'acknowledgements' page, please send me an email.

Credited Photographers:

(1) Mr Peter Horvath http://www.amigavilag.hu/japan