About Me: Biography

Name: Natalija Denis

Age: 36

Languages: English, Japanese & Croatian

Croatian Coastline Old Croatian Church Rovinj Crazy Bro

Family: My parents were born in Croatia. Croatia is a very beautiful country next to Italy. I have two older brothers who are very annoying :-)

Education: I went to four different primary schools as my parents moved around a lot. I really understand how difficult it is for anyone who has to move to a new school. You have to make all new friends...

Favourite colour: Purple

Favourite Sports: Cricket & bushwalking

Favourite Hobbies: Travelling, reading, cooking, scrapbooking and gardening

Favourite Place in the world: Cavedago – it’s a beautiful little town high up in the Italian Alps.

How long I have studied Japanese: I have studied Japanese since Grade 8 in high school, all through university and then I lived in Japan for 3 years.

What I love about Japanese: I love speaking Japanese. It is a wonderful language to learn and the people are really friendly. Japan is also a great place to go – it mixes interesting old traditions with state of the art technology.

Video :: Funny Cats (Windows Media)